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DIY headband

DIY headbands


  • Scrap fabric (cotton works best)
  • Fold over elastic
  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies
  • Headband template

DIY headband materials

DIY headband for kids


Step 1)

Using template, cut 2 headband pieces. Fold fabric and place wide end of template on fold. The headband pieces are 12 inches in length. The oval shape headband is 1.25 inches on the ends and 2.5 inches in the middle. Cut a 10 inch piece of fold over elastic.

DIY headband step 1

Step 2)

Place the right sides of the fabric together. Fold down 1/4 inch and iron one end of headband. Slid in the FOE between the fabric pieces. Pin the pieces together.

DIY headband step 2

Step 3)

Starting at the end of the headband with the FOE sticking out, sew that end and the two long sides. Leave the other end of headband open. Leave a half inch on each side of 2 long sides on the open end.

DIY headband step 3

Step 4)

Next pull the the inside out by pulling the inner fabric through the open end of headband.

DIY headband step 4

Step 5)

Iron the headband flat. Iron in a quarter inch on the open end of the headband.

DIY headband step 5

Step 6)

Slip the FOE in the opening (about 1/2 inch). I recommend measuring your child’s head to determine the perfect fit for elastic.

DIY headband step 6

Step 7)

Topstich all the way around the headband to give a clean look. Make sure and back stitch on the ends to ensure the elastic is secure.

DIY headband step 7

And you are done!

DIY headbands


SOURCE: Craft Snob