DIY Crafts to sell | Ribbon bookmarks

DIY ribbon bookmarks

DIY ribbon bookmarks

Materials needed for this project:

- Decorative Ribbon at least 1/2 in. wide

- Elastic Hair Bands

- Decorative Buttons

- Scissors

- Needle & Thread and/or Sewing machine

DIY ribbon bookmarks materials needed

How you make this project:

Cut the ribbon into 18 inch strips. (This is for an average sized book. If you need a bookmark for a large book, you may want to measure around the book first and add length to the ribbon.)

Fold one end of the ribbon over 1/4 inch. Fold it over another 1/4 inch and stitch across. You can do this by hand, or use a sewing machine. I used a zig zag stitch on my machine for a special touch.

DIY ribbon bookmarks step 1

Repeat for the other end of ribbon, adding the elastic hair band before you start folding to attach it to the ribbon.

DIY ribbon bookmarks step 2

Now we have one end of the ribbon bookmarks done. Half way there!

DIY ribbon bookmarks step 3

Use your needle and thread to attach a button to the other end of the ribbon.

DIY ribbon bookmarks step 4

Yay! We’re all done! Can you believe it???

DIY ribbon bookmarks result

To use, just wrap your ribbon bookmark around your book and pull the elastic up and around the button to secure it into place. You’ll never lose your place in a book again with one of these ribbon bookmarks!

DIY ribbon bookmarks to make and sell

DIY ribbon bookmarks, a cheap and easy project to make and sell.

DIY project to make and sell


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