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DIY Easy knot bracelet

Easy knot bracelet

The green bracelet is an easy, two knot bracelet for the very beginner jewelry maker.  If you can tie a shoe, you can make this bracelet!

You will need:

  • 16-18″ of any width leather or waxed cotton cord (we used 2 mm waxed cotton cord for our sample)
  • about 6″ of beads laid end to end with holes large enough to fit onto your cord – you can use any size bead you like
  • button for closure
  • scissors

Easy knot bracelet step 1

1.  Fold back about 3″ of cord and slide on button.  2. Loop button around cord and then 3. insert button into loop.  4.  Pull on knot just made until it is tight.

Easy knot bracelet step 2

5.  Trim off short end of cord close to the knot.  6.  Next, strand approx. 6” of beads onto your cord to make your finished bracelet about 7 1/2″ long.  If you want the bracelet to be 1/2″ longer, then add beads until the length of your stranded beads is 6 1/2″, if you want your bracelet to be 1″ longer, then add beads until the length of stranded beads is 7″, etc.

Easy knot bracelet step 3

7. Fold back about the rest of your cord about 1 1/2″ away from the last bead and pinch the fold.  8.  Insert the folded end into the loop just made – just as you inserted the button in the previous steps. Test  the end of your knotted loop to make sure it will fit over your button.    9.  Pull knot tight. Trim off excess cord and you’re done!