DIY Crafts to sell | Coat Rack

DIY Art and Crafts to sell - Coat Rack


Step 1: Measure, Mark & Cut Wood

Measure, mark and cut 1-in. x 4-in. select pine using a circular saw. Cut two pieces to 16 inches long and two pieces to 28 inches long.

NOTE: When cutting wood, always clamp it down to a stable work surface. Wear safety glasses, ear plugs and work gloves as your tools require.


Step 2: Assemble Rectangular Frame

Attach boards together by using your drill to pre-drill holes, then fastening them with wood glue and square trim screws.


Step 3: Prepare Limbs for Trimming

Set your gathered limbs on a flat surface and place the frame on top. Mark excess along the top and bottom so you’ll know where to trim the limbs.


Step 4: Trim Limbs to Size

Clamp the limbs down on your work table, then using the reciprocating saw, trim the limbs to the correct size.


Step 5: Secure Limbs within Frame

Next, using your drill, fasten each limb inside the frame with a square trim screw at the top and bottom. Go slowly so you don’t split the limbs by drilling off-center or too fast.


Step 6: Wood Fill and Sand Frame

Once all limbs are secured within the frame, use wood filler to fill the holes and allow to dry. Once dry, smooth out with a 220-grit sanding block and wipe away any dust with a microfiber cloth.


Step 7: Paint It

Paint both the rectangular frame and the limbs.

Allow them to dry. The dry time varies depending on environment.


Step 8: Attach Hanging Hardware

Using a drill, attach the D-ring hangers with supplied screws on either side of the frame of the branch coat rack for easy hanging.


Now, you can go ahead and sell your coat rack for hanging coats, hats and decorative items.


SOURCE: The Home Depot Blog